Ghusl After Sex

Ghusl is the full ablution or washing of the body that is required by Islam before its followers are able to undertake formal prayer or to hold the holy Quran. Although there are different variations of Ghusl it is generally accepted that it takes the form of a thorough and total cleansing of the whole body. Women often wonder if they need to perform Ghusl after they have had intercourse and the answer is that yes both Muslim men and women will need to practice Ghusl after sex.

Ghusl is usually undertaken to purify the body after certain bodily functions have occurred. Women are advised to perform Ghusl after childbirth, post-natal bleeding and once their period has finished. They also need to practice Ghusl after intercourse. 

How to perform Ghusl after sex

You should ideally perform Ghusl as soon as possible after intercourse. Until you have completed this ritual purification you will not be able to attend mosque or practice any formal prayers and you will be considered unclean.

Clean tap water from your bath or shower is perfectly acceptable to use for performing Ghusl. This means that the easiest way to do Ghusl for men and women is simply by doing it in the privacy of their own bathroom after they have had sex.

There are two forms of ghusl:
Acceptable form: in the sense that if a person only does ghusl in this manner, their ghusl is valid and they become purified from major impurity. But if a person doesnt perform this kind of ghusl properly, their ghusl is not valid.

Complete and preferred form: this is the type which it is mustahabb to do but is not obligatory.

As for the complete form, it is as follows

1.     Form the intention in the heart to purify oneself from major impurity: janaabah (impurity following sexual discharge), menses or nifaas (postpartum bleeding).

2.     Then say Bismillah and wash the hands three times, then wash any dirt from the private part.

3.     Then do wudoo’ as for prayer, a complete wudoo’.

4.     Then pour water over the head three times, and rub the hair so that the water reaches the roots of the hair.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  1. Then wash the body, making sure that the water reaches all parts, starting with the right side of the body and then the left, and rubbing it with the hands so that the water reaches the entire body.

Once you have finished washing you should then leave the bathroom or the area that you have washed in and say a Ghusl dua which is a short prayer to Allah. Your partner will also need to perform Ghusl after intercourse.

Other occasions that you may need to perform Ghusl

As well as performing Ghusl after sex, after your period and after giving birth there are a number of instances where you could be required to perform Ghusl.  Islam recommends that it is practiced before formal Friday prayers, before the festival of Eid and before undertaking the pilgrimage of Hajj. If you are a new convert to Islam it can be a good idea to perform Ghusl just before you undertake your formal conversion. This is a symbolic way of way of marking your spiritual journey and purifying yourself in preparation for your new religion.

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Ghusl After Sex

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