Over the last few years we have seen an increasing number of feminine hygiene products on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets. As women become more aware of the importance of their intimate care the demand for products such as intimate wash or feminine wipes has risen greatly.

However many women are unaware that some feminine wash products can actually do more harm than good and can often cause problems such as itching and discomfort. So we’re going to take a look at the products on offer and find out which feminine hygiene products you should and shouldn’t be using.

Feminine hygiene products to avoid…

Many women can be aware of a vaginal odour which can leave them feeling less than fresh, and concerned about their feminine hygiene. This can be particularly noticeable when you are on your period as you can sometimes experience a smell from the menstrual blood. When this happens women often turn to perfumed soaps, gels antiseptics, scented wipes and vaginal deodorants that claim to have been designed specifically to clean the vaginal area. However these feminine wipes or intimate wash soaps are actually particularly bad for your vagina as they can affect the natural PH levels.  As most women know their intimate areas are very delicate and sensitive, and some of the harsh chemicals used to perfume the products can cause unpleasant reactions such as itching, irritation or discomfort.

A fascinating fact about your intimate care is that the inside of your vagina is actually self-cleaning – so products that are marketed as douches (which clean inside the vagina) are usually totally unnecessary. What’s worse is that scented douches or feminine wash can actually alter the delicate PH balance of your vagina. This means that the good bacteria get killed off which allows unhealthy germs to thrive. This can make you more susceptible to nasty bacterial infections and thrush. At Femette we recommend that women don’t use these types of feminine hygiene products. Instead let’s take a look at the products that really will help you with your intimate care.

Feminine hygiene products that really work…

The best cleansing product for your intimate care is actually warm water! If you wish to you can also use a plain unperfumed soap but that is really all you need. Health professionals recommend that you clean your external vaginal area every day to achieve optimum health and cleanliness. You should also focus on cleaning your perineal area (the area between your anus and vagina) as this is a place where many germs can spread and it’s not always easy to reach.   Most people shower and bathe every day but this may not be always be practical and you may also want to maintain your feminine hygiene when out and about. This is where our revolutionary Femette comes in handy!

The Femette allows you to clean you external vaginal area simply and easily with pure water. It creates a consistent water flow that both soothes and cleanses.  It also has an ergonomically angled spout to provide controlled duration of the spray and minimise mess. What’s more the Femette is small, portable and discrete. You can just pop it in your handbag safe in the knowledge that you can practice good feminine hygiene on the go.

It’s a relief for many women to realise that they don’t need to spend time and money on lots of unnecessary feminine hygiene products. Warm water and the re-usable Femette can cope with all of your intimate care needs and will leave you feeling fresh, clean and confident!

2nd March 2016
Feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene products

2nd March 2016
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