Islamic Girls Names

There’s no doubt that Islamic girls names are some of the prettiest and most feminine around. There are already really popular Westernised versions of many traditional names such as Yasmine, Laila and Zara and we think that they are so lovely that they are going to become increasingly used around the world. With so many beautiful names out there it can be hard to pick just one so you might want to consider double barrelling them or choosing a number of middle names so that you don’t have to narrow down your choices too much!

It’s a must and obligation to shave the head and to name your daughter on the seventh day after her birth but you can rest assured that you’ll have time to get to know your little one before you take a final decision on her name, and you can make sure that it is a name that really suits her personality.

The Femette Top 10 Islamic Girls Names

It’s been really hard to choose our top 10 as there are so many great Islamic girls names out there! However we’ve put together a selection of our favourites with a little explanation about their history and meaning too. A baby’s name is really important in the Muslim culture and so hopefully our selection will give you a great basis on which to decide your daughter’s name.


Amina was the mother of the prophet Mohammed so this name has an important historical and religious context. The name itself means and honest and faithful women which we think has real significance for your child.


This name is perfect for your very own little princess as it means the royal princess. It’s such a simple and pretty name and goes really well in combination with other choices.


This name comes from the gorgeously scented exotic Jasmine flower and it’s already a really popular name all over the world. You can also use the variation Yasmina or Jasmine.


This is another name with a lovely link to the Muslim religion. Fatima was the favourite daughter of the prophet Mohammed. She was his only child to have children herself and so it often known as “the mother of all Muslims”.


This name means the peaceful one so it’s perfect if you are hoping that your little one will sleep through the night!


This fabulous name means astute knowledge so is ideal for a little girl who you hope will grow up to value and enjoy education.


This is a gorgeous and celebratory name for a long awaited little girl as it means congratulations. This is a pretty and happy name for a little girl whose birth has brought much joy and happiness.


This lovely and positive name means both lucky and happy. It is a real gift to give a child such a wonderful name which will hopefully bless them with a sunny outlook and fortunate life.


This is the ideal name for a baby born in the spring months as it means spring.


This powerful name means successful and it’s sure to be a popular choice with those who have great things planned for their child.

Choosing your daughter’s Islamic Name

Of course there are many more gorgeous Islamic girl’s names around so you’ll have plenty to choose from for your daughter. It is often traditional to name your daughter after a respected female relative such as her grandmother so you should take time to consider what family names you like too.  We’re sure that you will find the perfect Islamic name for your little girl, but if you need any further advice you can always consult your Imam who will be happy to help and guide you.

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Islamic Girls Names

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