We are really proud of the fact that after approaching health professionals such as midwives they showed support for the innovative ideas behind Femette. The team behind Femette have spent 18 months researching our product and talking to women to get their views and opinions. The feedback has been resoundingly positive and it’s great to hear how many new mums think it will make a real difference to their post birth healing.

But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve been having a chat with a midwife to ask her the questions that new mums want to know about how Femette can support them.

We caught up with experienced midwife and busy mum of 3 Laura Pallett to ask her what she thought about the Femette and to find out how she felt that it really could help women with their recovery post child-birth…

  1. How common is it for women to suffer vaginal pain or pain from their stitches after giving birth? 


Nearly all women experience pain during their healing process following childbirth. We find that this is especially the case following stitches. Due to the swelling caused by stitches they can often feel tight and uncomfortable for a few days until swelling reduces. 


  1. What methods are women currently advised to use to keep their vaginal area clean after childbirth?

Women are advised to wash daily and change their sanitary pads on a regular basis. Women who experience extra pain on passing urine due to labial lacerations are advised to pour a jug of warm water over their vulva as they pass urine to reduce stinging. Keeping clean reduces the risk of stitches becoming infected, so is crucial to the healing process.


  1. What are the risks of not keeping the vaginal area clean after childbirth?

If the vaginal area is not kept clean and is in contact with old blood (i.e. sanitary pads not changed regularly) then there is a risk of infection to mum. This means that stitches will not heal and the wound can break down. 



  1. How long do stitches usually take to heal? – do you feel Femette can promote healing?


Stitches will dissolve within 7-10 days.  Having a product such as Femette which is specifically designed to aid the healing process will certainly encourage women to look after their stitches very effectively and practically during this crucial time. 


  1. Would you recommend the Femette to the new mums and mums to be that you work with? 

Femette is an excellent way to ensure good hygiene at this crucial time in a woman’s life. I would certainly be happy to tell new mums about this product which is available to help them during their post birth healing process. 


It’s great to hear from a professional just how important Femette can be to new mums and how vital is it to maintain intimate hygiene after giving birth. At Femette we are passionate about supporting women in the post-birth period and if you have any questions for us please drop us a line at info@femette.com

31st January 2016

Ask Midwife Laura