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2nd March 2016
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How to clean your vagina

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At Femette we have taken the time to talk to many women about their views on personal hygiene and their feelings about imitate care. One topic that crops up repeatedly is the question of how to clean your vagina. This can be an embarrassing subject and one that not many women are comfortable talking about – even with their closest friends! However good vaginal hygiene is really important both for your health and for your self-confidence. So to help our readers we have collated some of the most frequently asked questions that women have about their intimate care, and have come up with some great advice about vaginal wash products and how to get rid of vaginal odour

Should I use vaginal wash products?

Many women want to know if they should in fact be using vaginal wash products to clean their intimate areas and ask what the best vaginal wash is. However health professionals caution women to be wary of using some of the heavily perfumed products or vaginal douches that you can find in the shops. These products can often cause more problems than they solve and are ultimately ineffective in reducing vaginal odor. In fact using a vagina wash can actually negatively affect the delicate PH balance of the vagina, which could make you more susceptible to infections which are usually prevented by the good bacteria which live there. Also the vaginal area is a delicate and sensitive part of the body and so perfumed soaps and washes can also cause rashes, itchiness or discomfort – not what you need at all!

Can you explain how to clean your vagina?

So how should you clean your vagina? The answer is very simple – warm water and an unperfumed soap are really all you need.  You should not really need to clean the inside of your vagina as this party of your body is conveniently self-cleaning (which is very handy!) but instead focus on the outside area. It is also very important to keep your perineal area clean too. This is the area between the vagina and anus and it is a place that can harbour nasty bacteria so good intimate care is vital.

Health professionals recommend cleaning your vagina every day but if you are on your period you may wish to clean yourself more often than this. This is where the award winning Femette can really help you out. It’s used to clean the outside area of your vagina and it’s not a douche or vaginal wash so you can be assured that it won’t harm the delicate balance of your vaginal bacteria. The Femette uses only water too so you won’t have to worry about any irritations from it like you may get from other vaginal wash products. This useful device provides a constant angled stream of water to clean your intimate areas which will keep you feeling fresh on a daily basis. It’s also portable and re-usable so if you are not able to bathe or shower you can still keep on top of your intimate care.

Once you know how to clean your vagina properly you will have the self-confidence to do it on a daily basis – knowing that it will support both your health and self-esteem. Women who use the Femette regularly tell us that they don’t have to worry about vaginal odour any more and, as it only uses pure water to cleanse, they know that it is good for their body too!

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