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31st January 2016
Islamic Girls Names
31st January 2016

Islamic Boys Names

Islamic Boys Names

One of the most exciting parts of having a new baby is choosing their name. As well as being an enjoyable task for you and your partner it’s also a great responsibility. After all your child will carry this name for the rest of their lives and so you want it to be something that works well for them, isn’t too difficult to spell or pronounce and gives them pride in themselves. If you are a Muslim it is likely that you will want to make sure that your little boy has an Islamic name, and with the name Mohammed now appearing in the top 10 of baby boys names you are in good company!

The Femette top 10 Islamic Boys Names

So here are our top 10 Islamic boys names with a little bit about their history and the meaning behind them. Of course you may want to wait until your little one is born before you make the final decision but hopefully this list will help you narrow down a few top contenders. Even if you don’t follow Islam we’ll sure that you will agree that the names we have chosen below are really beautiful and unusual – and in our multi-cultural society they can work well for children of all faiths.


This is the perfect name for your little prince as it literally means one who is a prince. It’s a lovely and simple name with a strong and powerful meaning behind it.


Of course this is a really popular Islamic boys name, and as the name of the prophet it has a long and esteemed history. There are a number of different spellings of this name so you can choose from 14 variations for your little one.


We’ve seen this name becoming more popular thanks to the film star Idris Elba who has given the name a touch of glamour! The word itself means strong man and so it’s perfect for a bonny baby boy who will grow up to be strong both physically and emotionally.


If you are hoping that your little one has a future career as a writer then this is the perfect name as it literally means writer. This is a great choice if you or your partner enjoy literature or if you have family members who work with words.


This means the fortunate one and so it’s a great choice for blessing your baby with a life filled with luck, love and good fortune.


This gorgeous name means beautiful or handsome and we are sure that it will be ideal for your little cutie.


This charming name means simply “happy” which is what we wish for all our children, and so it is a lovely name to grace a child with who will bring happiness to all around them.



Ali was the cousin and son in law of the prophet Mohammed and is considered to be the first man to embrace Islam. He was known for his courage, honesty and loyalty so we think this would be a wonderful name to give your son.


The ideal name for a little boy who’s going to be a star! This name means bright and it’s a lovely modern sounding name too.


This name means intelligent so it’s a great name to bestow your little boy with. It can also be spelt Daniel and shortened to Dan.

Choosing your Son’s Islamic Name

Of course this is only a small sample of the Islamic boys names that are available for you to choose from. There are a wide range of inspiring and beautiful boys names with an Islamic history for your son  – so have fun deciding which one will be just right for your little blue bundle of joy. Muslim’s have 7 days to decide on the name for their child so you will have plenty of time once your son is born to make the right decision and shaving the head is a must and obligation. If you are still struggling you can always consult your Imam who will be able to offer more advice.

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