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31st January 2016
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2nd March 2016

Period Blood Smell

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Periods can cause a range of problems for many women. Although the adverts for sanitary products often show women happily running, dancing and roller-skating during their period the reality is usually somewhat different! Lots of women suffer from a low mood on the run up to their period and when their period starts they can often face issues such as headaches, fatigue and debilitating stomach cramps. Another worry that women have during their period is how to get rid of the smell of period blood.  This period blood smell can be a source of concern for women when they are on their period and it can cause real problems with their self-esteem.

This worry about how to keep your vag smelling fresh also affects women who have just given birth.  Women will bleed for between 4-6 weeks after they have had a baby and this bleeding is known as lochia. The lochia bleeding is usually heavier than a regular period and women can struggle with concerns around smelly lochia and how to keep their intimate areas fresh and hygienic during this time.

We know that women are really keen to get rid of the smell of period blood that they may notice when they are on their period, and this means that they often resort to using vaginal washes, douches or perfumed wipes. However these products can actually be damaging to your vaginal health and can end up causing irritation or discomfort by upsetting the pH balance. They also often only mask the period blood smell or smelly lochia rather than helping you to achieve really good hygiene in your intimate areas. At Femette we have spoken to a number of health professionals about the best way to keep your vag smelling fresh and they have given us their top tips for how to keep really clean in those personal areas.

How to keep clean during your period

The best way to keep you vag smelling fresh and clean when you are on your period is to wash your external vaginal area on a regular basis. However we recommend that you stay away from heavily perfumed products or products that contain lots of unnatural chemicals as these can be very harsh on delicate feminine areas. Instead you should simply use warm water and an un-scented plain soap. There is no need to clean inside your vagina to get rid of the smell of period blood, instead focus on the outside area and the perineal area between your vagina and anus. Washing every day (or even twice a day if you are particularly worried about a period blood smell or smelly lochia) should be enough to keep you smelling clean and natural.

To help you stay extra fresh during your period we recommend using a Femette to clean your delicate and hard to reach intimate areas. The Femette uses only pure water and provides an angled, continuous stream of water designed to clean and sooth your sensitive external vaginal area. It’s portable and reusable and is small enough to fit into your handbag easily. The Femette means that you can keep clean on the go and if you use your Femette on a regular basis you’ll never have to worry about an unpleasant period blood smell again.

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