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7th January 2016

Things to do on your period

When you are on your period life should continue as normal in most ways. However we know that some of you do have concerns about any extra things that you may need to do on your period such as making sure your intimate areas are particularly clean. Women often want to know how to get rid of any period smell they may notice and want to find out the best way of ‘cleaning your vag after your period’.

Feminine hygiene can be a worry to women. They often ask why does your period smell? and what happens during your period? Well we have the answers to these embarrassing questions, and we can also explain how the Femette will help you stay clean and fresh throughout your period.

What happens during your period?

During your period your body clears out old blood and tissue from your uterus. If you are not pregnant the thick lining of the womb is no longer needed and so your body gets rid of it via menstruation. This usually takes place every 28 days (although it varies from women to women) and can last on average 5-7 days.

Whilst you are on your period you may notice an odour occasionally but why does your period smell? Generally any fresh blood should not smell but if you do not change your sanitary products on a regular basis or you do not shower regularly whilst on your period the smell is caused by bacteria growing when old blood is present and this causes a period blood smell. This is why one of the main things to do on your period is to ensure that you keep your vaginal area washed and clean for optimum hygiene.

Women often experience bleeding after they have given birth too. This is similar to period bleeding but usually heavier and is known as lochia. Many women also notice a lochia smell which can concern them and cause them worries about their intimate hygiene too.

How to practice good hygiene after your period

Cleaning your vag after your period is really important and is usually very simple to do. If you are able to bathe or shower every day then you should do this – washing externally with warm water and unscented plain soap. You should not clean inside your vagina as this is self-cleaning and using any cleaning products or vaginal wash could affect the delicate PH balance and cause itching or irritation. This rash is unpleasant particularly when you are on your period.

If you are very active or are out and about cleaning after your period can be trickier. This is where our fabulous Femette comes in handy. Our portable and ergonomically designed bottle has a spout which enables you to clean your vagina anywhere. It is small and discrete enough to slip into your handbag and means you will always feel fresh and clean even when you are on your period.

The Femette checklist for things to do on your period:

If you follow our quick checklist for things to do on your period you shouldn’t have to worry at all about intimate hygiene or feminine smells:

  1. Shower or bath every day
  2. Wash your intimate area using only warm water and plain unperfumed soap
  3. Use your Femette if you are away from home or don’t have time for a shower!
  4. Change your sanitary products and knickers on a regular basis

If you keep to these guidelines you are guaranteed to stay fresh and clean during your period and will have the confidence to carry on as normal without any concerns about smells or odours cause by your period blood.

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