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How to clean your vagina
2nd March 2016
Feminine hygiene products
Feminine hygiene products
2nd March 2016

Vaginal Odour

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Vaginal odour is something that lots of women worry about but not many are brave enough to talk about! However this embarrassing problem affects many women and can really knock their confidence, leaving them worried about going out and concerned that others are aware of their feminine odor too.

But what causes vagina odor and how can you get rid of it and make sure you maintain your optimal vaginal hygiene?

What causes vaginal odour?

Vaginal odor can be caused by a number of reasons, most of which are easily solved. Here are the main reasons that you may notice a feminine odor in your intimate areas.

  1. Eating or drinking strong smelling foods

You may notice that your vagina odor increases after you have eaten highly spiced food such as curries or garlic. Food smells often get transmitted in the bodily fluids such as sweat and vaginal fluids. If you notice a strong odour after eating these foods then aim to eat more neutral foods and you will soon notice the smell disappearing.

  1. Menstruation

Many women notice a feminine odor when they are on their period. This is often due to the menstrual blood which can have a distinctive smell. This can often cause embarrassment to women and may prevent them from living life to the full whilst they are on their period. However the problem is easily rectified by practising really good hygiene and taking good care of your feminine areas. Make sure that your initiate areas are cleaned regularly and that you wash on a daily basis. Changing sanitary products regularly is also really vital to prevent any smells or vaginal odour.

  1. Bacterial infection

If you notice a very strong odour and it is accompanied by an unusual discharge it could be a sign of a bacterial infection in your vagina for example thrush,  sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia or genital herpes. If you think this is the case then you will need to go and see your GP as soon as possible. They will be able to prescribe antibiotics which will soon clear the infection up and the smell should go away too.

How to prevent vaginal odour

To really prevent any odour the main solution is to keep clean on a regular basis. We don’t recommend vaginal washes or douches as they can affect the already delicate PH balance of the vagina and can also cause unpleasant itching or rashes.

The best way to clean your vagina is using warm water and a plain soap if you feel you need it (don’t use a perfumed brand). Of course a shower or bath is the most obvious place to take a wash but if this isn’t practical then why not invest in a Femette? This award winning product has a special angled design which means that you can direct a continuous stream of water towards your vaginal area. This is great if you are on the go as the Femette is discrete and portable and once used you simply need to re-fill it until the next time you use it – so it’s the perfect solution to any problems you may have with vaginal odour.

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