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31st January 2016
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What Breaks Wudu?

What Breaks Wudu?

Wudu is the ritual cleaning of the hands, arms, mouth, nose and feet which must be undertaken by all Muslims before they begin any official prayers or hold the holy book of Islam – the Quran.  As well as understanding how they should perform Wudu all followers of Islam need to fully understand when Wudu needs to be completed and part of this is having a full knowledge of what breaks wudu. The things that break wudu can be fairly varied so it is good to become acquainted with them in order to know when you will need to perform the cleansing again. Some Muslims believe that you can perform Wudu and it will generally last for a full day, however many people believe that there are a number of things that can happen to invalidate your Wudu. If any of these occur you will need to perform the purification process again.

Things that break Wudu

Firstly any secretion coming from the body will usually automatically break Wudu. This includes both urination and defecation and breaking of wind.

Any sexual contact or emission of semen is considered to break Wudu. However Wudu alone is not sufficient to cleanse yourself after sexual intercourse and so you must perform a full ablution known as Ghusl if this has taken place.

Sleep is also considered to be one of the things that break Wudu although some scholars say that this is only if you are in a reclining rather than sitting position. This means that if you fall asleep in a sitting position this would not invalidate your Wudu but if you are lying down then it may do so.

Emissions from the body such as pus or blood from a wound or being sick will invalidate Wudu. If a women is menstruating that will break Wudu and after her period has finished she will need to perform the full ablution of Ghusl.

Any loss of senses can also invalidate Wudu. This includes fainting or becoming unconscious and also any form of madness. Intoxication through alcohol or drugs would also break Wudu.

Finally death will break Wudu and means that a full purification would need to be performed for the deceased by a close friend or relative before their burial.

What doesn’t break Wudu? 

Sometimes when people ask what breaks Wudu they wonder if smoking or touching a member of the opposite gender invalidates their Wudu. Different Islamic scholars have varying views on what doesn’t break Wudu so if you are interested in finding our more then it can be a good idea to talk to your own Imam. They will then be able to advise you on what they feel may break Wudu so that you can make sure that you are confident that you know when Wudu should be performed.


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    What is the dua for ghsul after sexual intercourse for men and what is the way to perform ghsul after intercourse

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